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Super Orb Collector

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Super Orb Collector

Super Orb Collector is a free riddle game. Gravity is your foe, space is your foe, the dividers are your foe. In Super Orb Collector, your adversaries are all over, they are surrounding you and they don't care for being upset. To gather the orbs from each level and make it to the extraction point you'll need to sneak by swinging stages, turning rotors, evade unlimited pits, and time everything consummately. These orbs are important so they will be all around safeguarded. You should be of unadulterated heart and iron will on the off chance that you wish to beat the hindrances before you and prevail with regards to taking the shining circles of predetermination. Super Orb Collector is a labyrinth style puzzle game where you should discover your way through the snares and winding sections route to get your value and convey it to the entryway toward the finish of the level. Super orb Collector is a game that will test the restrictions of your reflexes as you evade threat, keep away from assaults, and sneak your approach to triumph. This is a game that rewards covertness over quality so tie on your basic reasoning covers and get deductive in Super Orb Collector.

How to play

On your desktop computer use your mouse to click on the Orb. You are now the Orb. Your goal is to navigate through the maze and avoid spinning rotors, sliding platforms, and slamming doors in this physics-based maze-style puzzle game.

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