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Balls And Bricks

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Balls And Bricks

Balls And Bricks is a free shooter game. Focus and impact away in this energizing, relentless shooter game where you'll be entrusted with the objective of shooting your way through however many bricks with as couple of balls as could reasonably be expected. Use calculation for your potential benefit and bank your shots at precisely the correct point to expand your all out yield. In this game, you'll need to pick between acquiring new balls or crushing the diving bricks. You are utilizing the intensity of material science and calculation to ricochet balls, bank them off dividers, and kill them in the middle of precipices to break however many bricks as could reasonably be expected. Every one of the bricks has a mathematical incentive on them which is their hit point counter. You should utilize your surge of balls to hit the block that multiple occasions before it vanishes. Gather balls, bank your shots, and use calculation and material science to shoot your way to the highest point of the pioneer board in this fun and testing shooter game.

How to play

On your desktop computer use your mouse to aim the ball and then press the left mouse button to shoot. You want to decrease the hit points of each individual brick and thus destroy it before it has the opportunity to reach the bottom of the screen. On your mobile device, you have the same goals but will interact with the game by using your mouse to tap, hold, and release.

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